Printhouse x Mezcal Verde
Reopening June 2022

Mezcal Verde.png

Welcome to East London's best kept secret - a brand new mezcal cocktail bar offering six expertly crafted cocktails inspired from the dichotomy of Mezcal Verde's ultra modern look and respect of traditional artisan methods.


Our Menu


Why Mezcal Verde?

As soon as we discovered Verde, we knew we had to collaborate with them. Changing the Mezcal game, they're a high-quality Mezcal committed to following a holistic cycle "From seed to sip", crafted with the same artisanal methods using organically grown 8-year-old agave Éspadín. 

But more than that , they're a brand that stands for love and respect in the pursuit of a better world. They give a voice to all cultures, races and genders, encouraging everyone to be truthful to themselves, empowering all to explore whomever they want to be #nolabel.